Soda King 100ml


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soda king is a 70/30 high vg premium e-liquid.

blue razz is your childhood favourite slushy but with some fizz to really kick start your palate this is by far one of best all day can buy.

apple and mango from soda king combines the freshest hand picked apples with a delightfully succulent freshly ripened mango. This truly is a definition of a ‘all day vape’.

the cherry soda is expertly crafted to give you the most authentic cherryade taste with a deliciously sweet cherry and a refreshing fizz to leave you wandering how did they do it??

LIMITED EDITION From soda king this purple soda taste like a purple slush .This truly is a definition of a ‘all day vape’.



Apple Mango On Ice, Cherry Soda On Ice, Purple Soda On Ice, Blue Razz On Ice, Fruity Mango, Rainbow Soda On Ice


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