Strapped 25ml Shortfill


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Bubblegum Drumstick, A brilliant 2 hit combo of bubblegum and drumstick lolly to vape all day and all night.

Sour Apple Refresher, A super sour apple filled to the brim with fizzy sherbet to send your taste buds into overdrive

Sour Rainbow Candy, A tag team of mixed fruit sour candies that will leave you seeing double rainbows, All the way

Strawberry Sour Belt, A reel of Strawberry with a full of fizz aftertaste that will linger heavily on your tongue.

Tangy Tutti Frutti, A tongue tingling takedown of tutti frutti sourness that will drive you insane with sweetness

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Tangy Tutti Frutti, Strawberry Sour Belt, Sour Rainbow Candy, Sour Apple Refresher, Bubblegum Drumstick


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